photo by Karolina Adams

Jeanine Sipple Dougherty, ASID, IIDA

J nine designs, llc, founded in 2006, is an interior design firm created by Jeanine Sipple Dougherty in the Phoenix, Arizona area. From a Midwestern family where her grandfather had natural talents in drawing architectural details and her father’s family of scientific curiosities, a profession in Interior Design seemed a natural fit. Originally from a Mid-western family sensibility, she drew on her instincts and inspiration and developed a design style that is a balance between creativity and logic, linked to intuitive sociology.

A lifetime resident of Phoenix's East Valley, Jeanine has seen the Valley of the Sun grow from a smaller, agricultural city with suburban patches, to an economically diverse metropolis. She welcomes the urban aspects of the growing city and celebrates the natural beauty which surrounds it. Jeanine enjoys designing for the desert environment and incorporating the unique characteristics and micro-climates of each neighborhood.

At Arizona State University, where she received her Bachelor’s of Science degree in Interior Design through the College of Architecture and Design, a five-year program of study with an international reputation where she learned to discipline of long hours working over a project to reach an intangible creative expression.

Jeanine is NCIDQ certified, which distinguishes an educated designer from other "decorators" in the market. Many states require certification in order to qualify as an Interior Designer. (Contact NCIDQ or American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) to learn more about why it's important to hire a trained and certified designer for your project.) Additional associations include Mom-e Club, a supportive group of entrepreneurial women who provide a network of resources.

Faithful to the ideal that a home should be the core of inspiration for those who dwell within, Jeanine Sipple Dougherty is inspired by long-term client relationships of other designers that can work generational with families and through their life stages. “As their designer, I am privy to get a glimpse into their lives and help them direct their needs into spaces that are first functional for their lifestyles and family dynamics. I am fascinated by the differences in their personalities and lifestyles and how that manifests itself in the special environment.”

With experience managing both residential and commercial projects, she encourages her clients to take chances and expand their curiosities, while emphasizing the importance of surrounding themselves with the things that reflect their identity. She is able to coax out clients’ own chaotic thoughts and combine them into a coherent design, from palette through furniture selections, that exceeded clients’ expectations.